How to: Engage volunteers with disabilities

Funky Llama share their practice and experience of working inclusively with volunteers. In this hour session, learn how to make volunteering for people with disabilities a more valid and accessible experience. Funky Llama will facilitate conversations around how to overcome challenges and obstacles when creating positive and authentic opportunities within the arts industries.

The workshop will introduce the work of Funky Llama within the Theatre Royal Plymouth. The team will share outcomes and learning from their engagement with adults with different abilities in the creative arts industry and lead on group discussions, sharing of experiences and ideas.

Join like-minded people in exploring ways in which we can all pledge to work more inclusively and create accessible opportunities for people with different abilities.

Funky Llama
Funky Llama Plymouth Theatre Royal offer innovative events and creative support for adults with different abilities. They believe in raising aspirations, creating opportunities, challenging perceptions and developing a regional and national network of creative activity.

There will be an easy read agenda and resources along with a Powerpoint presentation and subtitled film.

Why is this part of Doing Things Differently?
Funky Llama present an opportunity for learning, ideas sharing and understanding. People attending the workshop will be encouraged to look at things from a different perspective, celebrate the talent and value people with different abilities can offer. We hope they will feel empowered to offer more accessible opportunities, adopting an inclusive approach to their practice.

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Watch a short trailer for the Funky Llama Festival 2015.

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