How to: Positive discrimination or positive action?

We all want to ensure that as wide a group of people as possible benefit from opportunities that we offer.  But what are we allowed to do to ensure we are genuinely inclusive, without discriminating against other groups? What is the difference between positive discrimination and positive action?

This interactive session, Ruth Kapadia aims to answer your questions and leave you feeling more confident about what is, and isn’t possible.

Who is Ruth Kapadia?
Based in Bristol, Ruth is Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice, for the Arts Council England.

Who is this event for?
Not limited to the Arts Sector, this event is ideal for anyone who is interested in understanding the difference between positive discrimination and positive action. Particularly for those who are responsible for workplace communications and business processes such as recruitment.

Why is this part of Doing Things Differently?
This is a fantastic opportunity for the Arts Council to share best practice when it comes to talking about and addressing disabilities in a professional environment.

The venue
M Shed Bristol, Logo


Photo credit: ©Deborah Weinreb
Felix Road Adventure Playground – Photography workshop.