Waving goodbye to Victorian Dad

Waving goodbye to Victorian Dad is a day for people working in the performance and museums sectors. Explore how performance can engage diverse audiences and challenge the traditional approach to presenting collections. Contributors throughout the day include performers, producers, curators and academics.

“We’re bored of hearing what Victorian dad thought about everything. We want to hear what black and gay people think, what women and disabled people think.”  Mat Fraser, Performer

Performance in museums can be provocative, challenging, and political. It can provide alternative ways of interpreting objects, it can throw open the doors of the museum and say ‘this is YOUR museum too’. It can be irreverent and playful, poking fun at ‘Victorian Dad’.

Curated by Bristol Culture and Chaired by Abid Hussain, Director Diversity, Arts Council England.

The Artists
Featuring producers and performers Katy Noakes, Tom Marshman, and Freddie Opoku-Addaie. With Gaby Porter and others from Battersea Arts Centre’s innovative Creative Museums programme. With Sara Wajid, Royal Museums Greenwich and Kumiko Mendl, Yellow Earth Theatre Company. With Jocelyn Dodd, Emma Shepley and Julie McNamara from Leicester Museum Studies’ Exceptional and Extraordinary commissions.

Venue access details: M Shed

Who is this event for?
This event is ideal for people working in the performance and museums’ sectors to explore how performance can be used to break out of the ‘Victorian Dad’ culture.

Why is this part of Doing Things Differently?
Bristol Culture and Art Galleries are interested in using performance to engage diverse audiences. This event will be an interesting challenge to the traditional approach of how museums think about and present their collections.

The Venue
M Shed Bristol, Logo

Photo credit: Tom Marshman, Devils in Human Shape © JonCraig.co.uk