Extraordinary Bodies Community Choir

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Our Bristol community choir is for any body and every body who loves to sing.

The choir is at the heart of Extraordinary Bodies’ uplifting outdoor circus show Weighting. There will be 4 performances in Castle Park, Bristol, over the weekend of 17th & 18th September 2016. Whether you run a choir, sign songs in BSL or just sing in the shower, this is your chance to join with a huge community of up to 200 singers.

Our Choirmaster is Colin Rea, who has led ‘Extraordinary Bodies Sings’ in Southwark, Stoke on Trent, Fleetwood and Exeter. Colin also leads the Big Noise Chorus in Exeter. He is fantastic.

You do not need to have singing experience, just energy and enthusiasm. Please come and sing your heart out!

If you’re interested in joining our wonderful Community Choir, there’s lots more information on the following pages:

Click here if you’re interested in being part of the Community Choir.

If you’re a Choir Leader interested in being a part of the project please click here.

The following is a video that captures the previous ‘Sings’ projects as part of the Extraordinary Bodies Weighting tour in 2015. Enjoy!


The following is an audio description of the Community Choir opportunity coming to Bristol this September.


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