Interchange: Rethinking Table-Top

Presented as part of Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

Meet Fred started with a collaboration between inclusive company Hijinx and puppeteers from Blind Summit. During rehearsals, certain puppetry techniques proved unsustainable for the show’s learning disabled performers. This lab-style workshop explores how either puppets and/or styles might be modified to suit professional performers with additional needs.

Break-out space can be found if needed during the sessions. Lunch and refreshments is provided. There are two bursaries available for this event, please email for more details.

Interchange is our new space for dialogue about puppetry and diversity and will inform all we do in the future. Interchange will focus on, and question, how effectively our ancient craft reflects the diversity of our world. Puppetry has the power to charm, disturb and transform lives, so how do we ensure the widest possible participation and access as audience members or practitioners?

Interchange is a collaboration between Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Doing Things Differently (Diverse City & Bristol City Council), Guerilla Dance ProjectBlind Summit, Openup Music and Hijinx.