Doing Things Differently Manifesto

Vicki Amedume, Artistic Director of UpSwing led discussions at the State of the Nation conference.

Delegates were asked to share and discuss the aims and actions each individual would take from the day. The room was brought together in an interesting debate, to agree on a Manifesto of 8 final principles that we should all strive to achieve in Doing Things Differently.

State of the Nation Manifesto – 8 principles in Doing Things Differently

  1. Make time for reflective practice and challenges.

  2. Ask questions, listen to everyone – ensure we all pass the mic and aim to hand over control.

  3. Create an environment for everyone, recognising the importance of safe spaces for discussion.

  4. Embrace failure and allow others to do the same.

  5. Nurture talent that is truly representative of society – seek out work by more diverse artists and challenge tokenism.

  6. See imperfections and differences as a gift rather than a burden.

  7. Look to see if we can produce a slow, gradual and successful arts movement.

  8. Do it – have courage and take action. Challenge culture and the status quo.

Doing Things Differently Logo

State of the Nation Promise

8 ways to Do Things Differently

  1. Think about what you are doing

  2. Ask questions and listen to everyone

  3. Make safe spaces for everyone

  4. Getting it wrong is OK

  5. Find work by different artists

  6. It’s good to involve many different types of people

  7. Make slow, steady change

  8. Take action

You can download an easy read version of the State of the Nation Promise here:

Doing Things Differently – State of the Nation Promise – easy read